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First Generation Dragons

Definition of a first-generation college student: “While the definition can be complicated, being a first-gen student means that your parents did not complete a four-year college or university degree. Even if your parents took a few college classes or even completed a two-year degree, you are still considered first-gen. You are also considered first-gen if your older siblings went to college but your parents did not” (NASPA 2022).

This scholarship was born out of the inspiration and passion Professor Kylie Skeel has had for working with first-generation college students throughout her time at Tiffin University. Throughout her research, she has unveiled that if first-generation college students do not have a support space, they are more likely to drop out of college in comparison to their traditional peers. With that being said, Kylie started the student organization First-Generation Dragons in January of 2021. As the momentum of the student organization grew, Kylie and the student executive board decided that it was the perfect time to help a first-generation college student financially fund their dream. By donating money to this scholarship, you are making college possible for a deserving student who might not otherwise have this opportunity!

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